Hello! The expanding of my collection would not have been possible without the help from others. Therefore I came up with the idea to create my personal “Wall Of Fame” to thank everyone who was involved in one way or another. Please take a minute to read the names mentioned below because without the persons behind them the Guitar Pick Gallery would not be what it is today! Thank You!

Forever on my wall of fame:

My girlfriend (and my personal pick designer) Nicole Lemmens.

My brother Michael Dierick.

My friends Koen De Paepe, Mike Laurijssen, Dennis Aspeele & Dirk Van Den Auweele (RIP).

My colleagues for the shown interest. A special thanks goes out to Bram Wouters for his pick donations.

My colleague collectors, Laurenz Gelissen, Tim Ceuleers, Sjorven Van Brempt, Yves Petitjean, Jochen Berenitz, Patrick Broekmans, Peter Maesele, Wesley De Fretes, Jeffrey Kramer, Alan Ralph, Benoit Champagne, Ojars Berkmanis, Roger Rouillard, Zeljko Slijvic, Martin Pommier, Chris McDonald, Rob Weiskirchen, Monty Tohm Jr, Patrick Vanderhaeghen, Pai Quan, Joe Vickery, John McLaughlin, Vitor Augusto Piovani, Kevin Thiery, Rick Lancaster, Christian Gomez, Daniel Alba Castilla, Daniel Parkinson, Lee Hutchinson, Mike Espy, Steven Sosnowski, Yumi Ibrahimzade, Steve Tilghman, Noel Roberts, Rui Rodrigues, Etienne Kulik, Tommy Jansson, Albert Lamoureux, Michael Nelson, Dee Flynn, Gregg Osborne, Tony Cianciola, Adam Lepore, Matthew Stasiewski, James Sternik, Brent Nijs, Andy Philips, Daniel Figueiredo, Magnus Rydén, Alexey Maldyshkov, Patrick Bloemen, Patrick Sorg, Mike Frutto, Erik Colangelo, Andrew Gleisten, Aaron Sanabria, Zoe Pastor, Béla Trükkös, Grayson Jones, Brett McCoy, Craig Crosby, Eriko Salloum, Terrell Gresham, Isaac Worrell, Ronald Miller, Ian Green, Cesar De Labio, Jan Bergmans, Nikola Kuzmanovic, Jeff Rollins, Nandor Illes, Benjamin "Beene" Dages and Heiko Glamtner for trading and donating me picks.

And last but certainly not least the bands, labels, managements and everyone else who donated one or more guitar picks to me. You rock!

Venom - Grave Digger - Behemoth - Janez Detd. - K's Choice - After All - Gorki - Hooverphonic - Master - Izegrim - Belphegor - Tankard - Triggerfinger - For Dying Souls - Morgoth - Virgin Steele - Low Earth Orbit - Rush - Denial Of God - Bloody Diamonds - Cayne - Gloominous Doom - Lillian Axe - Wayland - Maroon - Dyscordia - The Guardian - Killer - BlackJack - Hexa Mera - Distillator - Fleshgod Apocalypse - When Plagues Collide - All For Nothing - Skellington - StormBurneR - Bloid - Strale - Genocidio - Mayan - Martyr - Less Than Jake - Predatoria - Warfect - Cropsy Maniac - Fireforce (Former member Yves Vermeersch) - Within Destruction - Sisters Of Suffocation (Simone Van Straten) - Fleddy Melculy (Bart Govers) - Maartje Herwegh - Ironborn (Jan Versnick) - Carnation (Bert Vervoort) - Disquiet - Player - Hitherside - Off Te Cross (Jens De Vos) - Storm Upon The Masses (Bart Vanderheyden) - Desdemonia (Tom Dosser) - Aeons Of Old (Dirk Broeren)