The History


My name is Patrick, 40 years old and I’m living in Antwerp, the city of diamonds, in Belgium.

In 1998 I became, by coincidence, a guitar pick collector.

How that happened?

On May 13th 1998 I attended an Iron Maiden show at the Brabanthal in Leuven where the band was playing a gig of their Virtual XI Tour.

One of the opening acts that evening was the German band Helloween.

When their show was half way Roland Grapow, their guitar player at the time, flipped something into the audience.

It fell just before my feet and when I picked it up I saw that it was a guitar pick with the band’s logo and Roland’s signature.

As a guitar player I knew guitar picks but I did not have a clue about signature guitar picks.

A whole new world was opening up for me and the rest is, like people often say, history.

In the meanwhile 20 years went by and at this moment my collection contains 1369 different guitar picks.

Most of my guitar picks I got after talking to bands at gigs or by catching them when they got thrown into the audience.

Another part of my picks I collected by contacting bands who often responded by donating one or more guitar picks to me.

I never could have thought that my life would change that night because of one single guitar pick and that it would be the beginning of what would become the Guitar Pick Gallery.

And today, after all these years, the story still continues…


Patrick Dierick - May 13th 2018